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20+ Cute Fall Gifts for Anyone Who Is Obsessed with Fall

Sep 28, 2022

When leaves turn into the color of orange and fall down on the street, we all know that the fall season is approaching. Crisp air, colorful leaves, festive drinks— all the things that make this season feel like nothing else. Let’s celebrate the season and spice it up with delightful fall gifts

Just scroll down and pick up one of the following creative fall gift ideas to put a smile on the face of your friends and loved ones this fall. And odds are, you’ll find a “treasure trove” of gift ideas for fall lovers. They're the best for gifting to friends and family members and also keeping for yourself.

Fall Housewarming Gifts

Good housewarming gifts should be both beautiful and functional. Here are different kinds of fall-themed gift ideas for a new homeowner or anyone to decorate the house. 

#1. Pumpkin Spiced Cake Candles

Scents from falling leaves to pumpkin spice make it feel like you’re nestled up by a crackling fire sipping a warm cup of pumpkin spice coffee. This is a great way to spark happy seasonal memories.

Pumpkin Spiced Cake Candles

#2. Fall Indoor Pillow

It certainly makes a perfect addition to any aesthetic home decor. This adorable throw pillow mixes the scenes of autumn and Halloween. It’s one of the most classic gift ideas for grandma who can’t stop talking about the spooky season. Pair it with a grandma fleece blanket for an unmatched setup.

Chillever Personalized Nana's Little Pumpkins With Grandkids Autumn Indoor Pillow

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#3. Personalized Fleece Blanket

Your thoughtfulness will be remembered when your loved one curls up under the warmth of these comfortable and cozy blankets. There are so many variants with awesome designs to choose from. Check out the link and discover more.

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Handmade Gifts for Fall Lovers

What’s a better way to celebrate the changing seasons than with a handmade gift that encapsulates all the reasons why people love fall? Spice up your gift-giving this fall with unique handmade items. So grab one for your autumn-obsessed bestie and yourself. The following fall-themed handmade gifts for your beloved ones to show your love and gratitude are sure to make a lasting impression!

#1. Scented Soap

Get her or him some sweet treats with artisanal handcrafted soap containing natural, skin-nourishing ingredients. This really helps invigorate their mind and body with warm, fragrant autumnal scents.

Scented soap

#2. Fall Mason Jars

These glossy-painted mason jars are perfectly made for fall. Add some fall leaves and greenery inside the jar!

Fall Mason Jars

#3. Hot Cocoa Mix

A glass jar filled with homemade hot cocoa mix is an easy but still sweet fall gift for friends and family to spread some seasonal cheer.

Hot Cocoa Mix

#4. Baked Goods

Savor the season with a baked good filled with the delightful, warm spices of fall.  

Sweet Fall Treats

Get family and friends with fall treats such as sweet jams, jellies, butter, or pumpkin jam to capture the best flavors of the season to enjoy year-round.

Decorated Sugar Cookies Fun & Festive Fall Cookies

Spending time together on making and decorating some sugar cookies is also a fun experience. We do believe fall days become memorable with cute handmade fall cookies. 

Decorated Sugar Cookies Fun & Festive Fall Cookies

(Credit: Semi Sweet)

Dash Pumpkin Mini Waffle Maker

Make a fall morning even sweeter with a Dash pumpkin-shaped mini waffle maker. And don’t forget to have it with maple syrup or whipping cream!

Dash Pumpkin Mini Waffle Maker

(Credit: Dash) 

#5. Crochet or Knit Accessories

Give him/her some handmade love this fall with a crochet or knitted throw. You can consider some practical items such as handmade scarves, hats, and gloves. These most favorite things will warm the heart and the body for men, women, teens, and children. 

#6. Plush Pumpkins

Looking for a pumpkin-inspired gift for beloved ones?  From small to large, delicately crafted fabric or knit pumpkins are adorable fall gift ideas to decorate your home.  You can customize the size, color, and style of these cute and cheerful fall items.

plush pumpkins

(Credit: Hobby Craft)

#7. Fall Initial Wreath

This wreath is easy to make with an inexpensive fall leaf garland and a wooden letter. The wreath base can be any grapevine wreath, it’s suggested to choose bright and cheerful. Paint your letter fall's brilliant colors such as red, orange, yellow, brown, or gold for a shining touch.

#Fall Initial Wreath

(Credit: Tidymom)

Personalized Fall-themed Gifts

#1. Fall Journals

Fall is such a beautiful season and it’s the perfect time to enjoy the atmosphere and journal. A fall-themed journal is a wonderful way to get in touch with the innermost thoughts and feelings. This is an awesome fall gift idea for anyone who loves to write or needs to journal. 

Fall Journals

(Credit: Ginger Journals)

#2. Seasonal Graphic T-shirt

These super cute and comfy t-shirts are the most casual fall items to celebrate the season. From simple fall sayings to intricate designs, your friends and family members will “fall” in love with these trendy tees.

Chillever Personalized Nana's Little Pumpkins With Grandkids Autumn T-Shirt

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Grandma's With Pumpkin Patch Grandkids Names Fall Pumpkin T-Shirt

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#3. Hoodie

A hoodie is a basic item for your fall-winter wardrobe that won't go out of style. From frigid mountainsides to autumn trails to nighttime bonfires, stay warm in this season with super-soft and cozy fabric hoodies. 

Legend Wife Mom Grandma Est Year Fall Latte Halloween Pumpkin Hoodie

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#4. Fall Baseball Shirt 

With an authentic design and high-quality fabric material, this baseball shirt is a must-try idea in the fall. Check out the link below and get one for your lovely NANA.

Chillever Personalized Nana's Little Pumpkins With Grandkids Autumn Baseball

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#5. Sweatshirt

So warm and cozy, this pumpkin sweatshirt will be adored during fall bonfires, pumpkin carvings and basically every fall activity you can think of. It’s available in many sizes, colors and car patterns.

Chillever Personalized Nana's Little Pumpkins With Grandkids Autumn Sweatshirt

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#6. Ceramic Mug

Another must-have gift for fall is a well-designed mug for those warm seasonal drinks.  A lovely mug will make your recipient think of you each time they enjoy a sip of their favorite fall beverage. Available in many fall patterns, this pumpkin truck mug pairs best with warm tea, a homemade pumpkin spice-flavored coffee, or apple cider.

Personalized Mimi's Little Pumpkins With Grandkids Autumn Tree Mug

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Explore other tumbler styles with exclusive designs and the best deal.

#7. Jewelry

Jewelry inspired by stunning styles makes spectacular pieces for any woman. These personalized necklaces will make a heartwarming fall gift for her.

To My Mom Necklace I know it's difficult for a Woman raise a Man Love Knot Necklace Love, Son

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#8. Personalized Wooden/ Acrylic Keychain

Surprise your grandma with this special personalized fall keychain to make her smile ear to ear. One of the best fall gifts, it’s an ideal item to take along the way every day. Plus, you can customize the nicknames for a personal touch.

Grandma Little Pumpkins Truck Farm Keychain Personalized Wooden Acrylic Keychain

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Wrapping Up

We hope that you could find the perfect gifts that embrace the fall season for your beloved ones. Let someone know how thankful you are to have them in your life with one of the amazing fall gift ideas above. You can also use these gift ideas for any fall occasion such as fall birthday, anniversary, or thoughtful Thanksgiving gifts. Happy Fall Y’all!

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