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Christmas Tree Decorations: Festive & Fancy Ideas to Celebrate A Merry Christmas

Oct 24, 2022

It's that time of year again when snow falls and the Christmas season appears on every corner. Is it a wonderful Christmas without a picture-perfect Christmas tree? Christmas trees, the highlight of every Christmas, offer amazing chances to spread out some seasonal vibe and festive cheer. And decorating the Christmas tree is an exciting holiday tradition that many people look forward to each year.

Chances are, you’re considering choosing the best Christmas tree decor this time around. That's why we've put together this gallery of Christmas tree decoration ideas worth trying this year. So, go ahead and get some inspiration for your Christmas tree decorations to bring a merry vibe to your home. Now let’s get started!

Pick a Style and Color Scheme for the Christmas Tree

Pick a Style and Color Scheme for the Christmas Tree

From a style perspective, you choose your own Christmas tree decor theme. Here are some popular ideas to plan a style or color scheme for the tree: 

1. For a traditional look: Get such as red and green ornaments, plaid ribbon, angel tree toppers, nostalgic ornaments, and classic-style lights
2. For a classic look: Consider combinations including red and green, red and white, blue and silver, and silver and gold. Use these color schemes all over for a basic, elegant look or instead use them as an anchor and let your ornaments be the center of attention.
3. For a glam look: Add to the tree with silver ornaments, metallic ribbon, glitter decorations, snowflakes, and more
4. For a farmhouse and plaid look: Include the bold checkered pattern of buffalo plaid, the rustic look of burlap, and ornaments in red and black
5. For a modern look: layering up bright, cheerful baubles and sentimental decorations or going green with natural, eco and sustainable materials

Add Some Decorating Essentials for the Christmas Tree

    Add Some Decorating Essentials for the Christmas Tree

    Fill your house with a festive vibe by adding Merry Christmas hanging stars, snowflakes, Noel letters, glitter reindeer or gold standing stags, and so much more! However, there are certainly some must-have items recommended below for every tree:

    1. Lights — whether you opt for a faux tree or a live one, lights are the number-one item on a tree. Christmas lights bring a unique glimmering warmth to your holiday season.
    2. Tree Skirt – available in a range of materials and styles, great for covering up the unattractive 'legs', trunk, or stand of a tree, plus any unsightly wires to make your festive decorating theme a cohesive, uncluttered look. You may see a tree skirt as a basket, blanket, tree ring, or collar, but they all do the same job — protect your floors and carpets from any fallen pine needles. 
    3. Wreaths & Garlands — a versatile addition to your decorative toolkit to make your tree pop. Enjoy the Christmas vibe with whether real or faux Christmas wreaths & garlands for both Christmas tree indoor decorations or Christmas tree outdoor decorations. 
    4. Ribbon — a classic and easy style to choose for your festive decor every year. Ribbons and bows will add the tree decoration wow factor.
    5. Ornaments – Decorate the Christmas tree and get in the holiday spirit with Christmas ornaments. There are so many colors, shapes, and varieties out there. You can see some great recommendations below!
    6. Christmas Gifts under the Tree — Christmas gifts have become a considerable part of this festive season over the years. It’s so heartwarming when you and your family rush to gather around the Christmas tree to unbox these Christmas presents together.

    We do believe that it’s worth taking time to plan out your Christmas tree decor for your home. Get prepared for the most wonderful time of the year and visit Chillever to shop for all of your giftings and decorating needs.

    Best Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas to Level Up Your Space

    Best Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas to Level Up Your Space

    #Traditional Christmas Tree Decorations

    As you all know, the most traditional decoration ideas for a Christmas tree would be the star or angel topper. And baubles or snowflakes, stockings, and gingerbread men are the most classic addition of decorating the rest of a tree. Added to this, bells, reindeer, candy canes, garlands, and snow globes are used for the rest of home decorations. Keep reading to discover how to decorate your tree with the traditional appeal but without losing modern vibe.

    1. Revive classic colors — red and green 

    red and green classic christmas tree

    2. Go with Classic 

    glaming gold christmas tree


    3. Mix and Match Retro Vibe 


    #Colorful Christmas Tree Decorations

    As much as we see cozy and classic or traditional Christmas styles for this holiday, it would be much more amazing about a uniquely decorated tree with non-traditional Christmas coloring. 

    Get this Christmas cheer up a notch with a multicolor Christmas tree decoration in a fresh, merry and bright decor style. It’s time to get some colorful Christmas tree ornaments & baubles and rock on a bold-color Christmas tree! 

    1. The Bright Multi-color Christmas Tree

    Bright Multi-color Christmas Tree

    2. The Pastel Multi-color Christmas Tree

    Pastel Multi-color Christmas Tree

    3. The Ombre Rainbow Colored Christmas Tree


    4. The Multi-color Flower Christmas Tree

    The Multi-color Flower Wrap Christmas Tree

    #Creative Christmas Tree Decorations

    If you are looking for an exclusive Christmas tree or if you don’t have any amazing ideas in mind, we’re here to help you find your true festive option and show you ways to flaunt your family's personality! We do believe that these Christmas tree theme ideas are sure to make your home all the merrier. Don’t hesitate and scroll down to take a look through these out-of-the-ordinary alternatives.

    1. Little Presents Christmas Tree

    Little Presents Christmas Tree

    2. Candy Cane Christmas Tree

    candy cane Christmas Tree

    3. Family Photo Tag Christmas Tree

    Family Photo Tag Christmas TreeFamily Photo Frame Christmas Tree

    4. Collected Memories Christmas Tree

    Collected Memories Christmas Tree

    5. Paper Stars Christmas Tree


    6. Floral Christmas Tree

    Floral Christmas Tree

    7. Citrus Fruit Christmas Tree


    8. Sweets & Candies Christmas Tree

    Sweets & Candies Christmas Tree

    #Personalized Christmas Tree Decoration

    As we start to think about Christmas decorations for the 2022 festive season – one of the greatest things to make your home merrier, of course, the way we decorate our tree at Christmas is really important. Perhaps you’ve chosen one of the decor styles above, why not try to add some personal touches to make it more meaningful? We suggest that personalized Christmas decorations will be a perfect option that you can treasure forever.

    Proudly, here at Chillever, we have a unique and heartfelt collection of Christmas decorations that can include the names of your family members. You can customize gifts for your loving family members, or even for a special baby enjoying his or her first Christmas.  

    Personalized Christmas ornaments are a fun and thoughtful way to commemorate big milestones in life – such as a birthday, a new baby, or other special occasions of the year. Sure, you could make your own personalized Christmas tree ornaments with customizable name and photo ornaments for special memories. With just one or a full pack of personalized ornament gifts, these sentimental items really help brighten up the Christmas tree and fill your home with festive joy. Christmas ornaments are available in acrylic, ceramic, and wooden material at a very affordable price to suit your preference. Especially, we rounded up some best-selling Christmas tree decor ornaments to inspire and make your home look festive. Check it out now!

    1. Custom Baby Cute Photo With Name for Christmas Ornament

    Decorate the Christmas tree with this lovely baby Christmas ornament to add a touch of sparkle. There are many styles and options available for you to choose from and make it a perfect keepsake. 

    Custom Baby Cute Photo With Name for Christmas Ornament

    2. Family Cute Custom Photo Ornament

    If you're looking for something to impress everyone at the first sight, these family custom photo ornaments will surely be the winners. These together with traditional wreaths, garlands with berries and pinecones, star window lights, Christmas projector lights and more will bring festive cheer to your little home.

    Family Cute Custom photo Ornament

    Custom Family Worm From Photo With Name For Christmas Ornament

    3. Blessed Grandma With Kids Personalized Circle Ornament

    Embrace the Christmas season and give a big hug to your NANA with this thoughtful gift for grandma. She’ll definitely smile ear to ear or even burst into tears!

    Blessed Grandma With Kids Personalized Cicle Ornament

    4. Ornament - Life is better with Sisters - Custom from Photo

    If you find it hard to say “Thank you” or “I Love You” to your loving sister, let this sister Christmas tree ornaments serve as inspiration to tell her. You can change the number of sisters and add your own picture at the link below.

    Ornament - Life is better with Sisters - Custom from Photo

    It’s Your Turn to Decorate Your Christmas Tree

    The Christmas tree, as a symbol of every family tradition, acts as the main point of festive décor and tree decorating really gets everyone into the mood of the Christmas holiday. Enlist the whole family to join in on this fun activity and make holiday memories that will last a lifetime.  Hope the top 10+ suggestions above will get you inspired and choose the best Christmas tree decoration for the Christmas holiday ahead.

    It’s Your Turn to Decorate Your Christmas Tree

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